- A thorough understanding of the client and regulatory requirements in all aspects of security and traffic control practices.
- Meeting and exceeding these requirements for the duration of work.
- Continue to develop staff skills and competencies especially to meet the challenges of Financial, OHS and Environmental controls.
M1 Traffic & Labour Services is committed to ensuring that all job sites provide a safe and healthy work environment for all involved. We have been accredited by and external auditing body as having implemented a Safety Management System that is compliant with Australian Standard. M1 Traffic & Labour Services will provide specialized induction training to all personnel that are sent to our client’s workplace, in line with our Safety Management Plan and to suit individual client needs. M1 Traffic & Labour Services places emphasis on quality processes which ensure we have:
- Traffic control assessment
- Injury Management Policy
- Site safety rules
- Incident reports
- System improvement reports
- Occupational health and safety policies
Safety management systems and compliance include:
- Daily vehicle checks
- Site-specific key personnel and emergency service numbers
- Prior to commencement, site inspections are to be completed to identify hazards with the client.
- From this inspection, a traffic guidance scheme is generated.
M1 Traffic & Labour Services will ensure that it complies with all environmental directions issued by the client. This is to include but is not restricted to the following mandatory items:
- Submission of an Environmental Management Plan by M1 Traffic & Labour Services.
- The footprint of works will be limited to the road reserve and pavement areas. M1 Traffic & Labour Services will leave the work zone clean and in a tidy condition at all times.